Learn About River Chase Wedding & Events

For a number of years photographers have brought their clients to the River Chase property to shoot unique photos with the majestic scenery of the Arkansas River Valley as their inspiration. The original owners had a desire to share with everyone what God had blessed them with---a beautiful part of His creation. In February, 2019 Rhonda and Delores acquired River Chase Wedding and Events with enthusiasm and inspiration and plans to continue growing with additional indoor and outdoor venues. We hope to host charitable events again sharing this beautiful property with the surrounding community. Follow us on our Facebook page for details on the opening of our new venues!

From sunrise to sunset, these breathtaking views are ever changing in various colors and hues. This location is every photographer's dream landscape for shooting stunning engagement and wedding photos. Every bride wants her wedding to be unique, and with this venue you are able to be as creative and original as you desire. Call us today at (501) 777-5315 for an appointment so we can introduce you to the many options available.